Introducing a long history proven folk remedy from China, so effective on many diseases, anti ageing and beauty already cured hundreds of thousands people who suffered from various diseases


Reported by China local television and newspaper that it is very effective to cure any high blood pressure related diseases


This remedy is a gift from God to human and I will let Google prove above statement is true


Before I tell you how powerful this natural remedy is, I want to show you a way that you can verify the information I provide is true or not yourself by using Google search because many people are very skeptical. The following is the procedure. On this ebook there is an English name of this remedy. 1. Type "the English name of this remedy + diseases name" to Google translate ( and select translate it from English to Chinese(Traditional). 2. Copy and paste that result to and do a search. 3. Click on "Translate this page" to whatever language you want and read the content yourself and you will know the power of this remedy. Following the procedures, I have done some Google search and here are some results: beauty, 811000; skin care 140000; anti aging 73400; hypertension 467000; diabetes 274000; arthritis 123000; liver diseases 79900; hyperthyroidism 19300. You can see many real Testimonials  at bottom of the page and I strongly recommend you read those users feedback first because they are real patients experience. One of the main reason why this remedy is so powerful is that it can clear blood clots and deposit on blood vessels through emulsification and we will talk more detail later.


Originally television started to report this remedy because it is so effective on any diseases related to blood problem such as high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart diseases, cerebral thrombosis and hyperlipidemia according to many patient feedback. However, many other user also reported diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cervical spondylitis, insomnia, asthma,.... can be cured. Therefore, based on all user feedback this remedy can prevent cancer, and is effective on the following diseases (included but not limited to): hypertension, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, coronary heart disease, angina, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, paralysis, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylitis, liver disease, bronchitis, insomnia, asthma, constipation, chronic gastritis, Meniere's syndrome and other obvious effect on hyperthyroidism, colitis, frozen shoulder, shoulder inflammation, hemorrhoids, sinusitis , heart and brain blood supply insufficiency, toothache, sciatica, weakness, dandruff, trigeminal neuralgia, duodenal ulcers, cough, upper respiratory tract infection, frequent urinary, chapped hands and feet, sweating, bad breath, diarrhea, tuberculosis, facial paralysis, tremor, cataracts, age spots and has positive effect on some tricky modern clinical diseases.


For beauty and skin care, it can make skin smooth, delicate, and remove black spot on face and skin.


Ordinary people can apply this remedy to achieve anti ageing longevity physical health.


From The Desk Of: Jack Chang
Discover a simple, yet very effective method to cure many diseases without any drugs and side effects


Dear Friend:

I want to introduce you a remedy that is very effective on many diseases, anti aging and beauty. This remedy exists a long time at least several hundreds years and is originated from China. Japanese and Korean also know the power of this remedy. Japan is world number one longevity country, particularly in one area. One interesting fact is that almost all the longevity elders who live in that area have taken magic remedy on their daily diet. In Korea one ancient legend says if you have "something", take magic remedy. So many people who suffered from various symptoms already benefit from this remedy, either cure or alleviate their diseases. Some people are suspicious at the beginning. After trying this remedy, they were surprised by the positive health effects. Some people even say they get miracle effect on their diseases. Many people end up with several diseases being cured. Because of this reason, a local television in China had reported this magic remedy. I personally also have seen this remedy were reported on Chinese newspaper. On this ebook I will tell you where this television station located, the name of the newspaper, the longevity area in Japan, and that Korean legend. Since this remedy is based on natural food, normal people can maintain good health condition and longevity by regularly including this remedy on their diet. One proof is that it can make skin smooth, delicate and the effectiveness on beauty is even better than some beauty products. However, as I understand the majority of western world is not aware of this remedy.  Wish more people could have this useful information.


My Story


I knew this remedy many years ago from newspaper but never took any action because I don't need it at that time. A couple years ago I felt lack of energy sometimes. My first thought is I need to have some exercise. So I spent some time to see which one is suitable for me. During this period of time, one day an idea came to my mind, why not give magic remedy a try, there is no harm. So I immediately took magic remedy. Less than a hour I felt more energetic and last for all day. This is the first time I felt the power of magic remedy myself and was the most important decision I made in my life. I am also very curious about why this remedy is so powerful. So I start to do some research. I find out that medical study already discovered many health benefits of each ingredient. But by properly combining these ingredients together, it doubles or even triples the medical effects and health benefits of each ingredient and this is the reason why this remedy has such power. In the following I will explain more detail about this remedy.


Some features of this remedy are:


All ingredients are natural food and are suitable for majority of people, No more side effect from drugs or herb, no need to exercise

Save money, All ingredients are not expensive and can be purchased from local grocery store

Very easy to produce, anyone can do it

Save time, Only need to take once a day


Magic remedy can cure high blood pressure


I am 52 years old, suffering from high blood pressure for nearly 30 years and had small stroke three times, resulting in paraplegia.

During hospitalization, many friends told me magic remedy can cure high blood pressure. I personally promise to try, but in fact, I never take it. Because I was in hospital two months, medication, injections, multi-treatment had no significant effect. Magic remedy is not drug. How could it produce magical results? My heart always thinks so. My body was getting worse after discharge.  Blood pressure is around 240/110 mm Hg and left ventricular congestive expansion has led to coronary heart disease.

Recuperation at home, friends and relatives came to visit me, and kept introducing that some people who take magic remedy has improved blood pressure to normal. Health Condition had deteriorated and there was no other way.  I had to give magic remedy a try. One month later, I feel physically more comfortable. The effect is obvious: former suffering from hemorrhoids is no longer exposed; stool is no longer hard; sleep is better than before; blood pressure steps down to 140/90 mm Hg. So I insist on taking magic remedy and soon blood pressure steps down to 130/60 mm Hg. I could not believe magic remedy really have such effect! Recently, my blood pressure has been to maintain the best level.


Zhejiang Province, Dongyang County, Teacher Training Schools, 

Wan Yu-Ling


Insist taking magic remedy and eradicate diabetes


I have diabetes, urine sugar is generally four plus. After taking magic remedy, I am able to gradually reduce the drug to one tablet daily and control urine sugar in 1 or 2  plus.  I am very satisfied. Two months later, I boldly disabled drug, only took magic remedy plus vitamin. After a period of time, urine sample testing result shows very little sugar or disappear. Even more gratifying is the associated complications such as shoulder pain, hand numbness have improved. I am so glad and I'm sure this time is completely cured. So I also disabled magic remedy.  Less than a month, I am not feeling well again. After examination, my urine and blood sugar all increase.  I quickly took magic remedy again. After taking magic remedy, my illness improves again.  From this lesson, I intend to take magic remedy for long-term in order to eradicate the disease.

Shandong Province, Jinan City, New Materials Factory Building,

Li Chuan-Yin 


Health Benefit


The reason why this remedy is so powerful is that it is not created for a particular diseases. Instead it is designed to improve body's organ function back to normal healthy condition by the following action. First, it has the ability to clear blood clots and deposits on blood vessel through emulsification and therefore significantly improve blood circulation. Second, this remedy provides all the nutrition that body cell needed in a most easy absorbing form. Third, it can adjust blood PH level to slightly alkaline which is healthy condition required. By these action, it helps body's cell regeneration, splitting, soften blood vessels, improve blood circulation, metabolism, enhance immunity, physical fitness, slow aging, aid digestion, detoxification, promote absorption, reduce phlegm, improve dampness. Among these benefits, the most important one is that it can emulsify and clear blood clots and deposit on blood vessels. Blood clot and deposit is the key factor to cause many symptoms because it reduces blood circulation and also prevents cell to obtain proper nutrition.


Magic remedy can make skin smooth


I'm so moved! After drinking twice, the skin begins to feel a distinct change, very smooth, there is still a gloss PP! Looks better. Effectiveness is better than any mask, even more than the essence IDEALIST EL, better 100,000 times. I suddenly felt that these ultra-expensive skin care products is simply too small comparing with magic remedy. Then I insist on drinking and find that face skin is not only good, body skin becomes smooth also, as if just finished sanding the body. Surprised me the most is that until today, is my second week of magic remedy, a good skin condition has never changed (my skin is mixed, and often change with the weather and mood, good or bad), and an increasing positive trend of the "skin" feeling! I am 100% sure that significant changes in my skin are from magic remedy.




Some people are suspicious about this remedy. How could it be possible for a remedy to cure so many diseases? The reason is because of one of the key factor of this remedy, “emulsify and clear blood clot and deposit” as we mentioned earlier. Let’s look at one health effect, i.e., beauty. This remedy can make skin smooth, delicate and remove black spot on face and skin. In order to improve skin condition, blood circulation has to achieve above normal condition. Since skin is located on the surface of human body and is at the end of blood circulation, this means whole body blood circulation is improved resulting in increasing performance of all organs and therefore, eliminate or alleviate those diseases.  Another proof is its ability to cure cerebral arteriosclerosis from patient feedback. This explains why this remedy is also effective on hypertension, coronary heart disease, and hyperlipidemia, all because of the improvement of blood stasis. This is just from one key factor of this remedy. There are some other key factors but I cannot address more here. What I can tell you is that modern medical study already gradually discovers the health benefits of each ingredient of this remedy. Moreover, by properly combining these ingredients together, they produce a multiplier effect on health. On this ebook you will know fundamental concepts of this remedy and scientific study of health and medical benefit for each ingredient, so that you have a completely understanding about why this remedy is so effective on many diseases.  You will know the production method and how to take it. This ebook also provides many real testimonials from people who benefit from this remedy so that you know other people’s experiences.


Magic remedy eliminate my liver cirrhosis symptoms of abdominal swelling


In the summer of 1986, I had a liver disease. I went to the county hospital to check and examination result was liver cirrhosis (+ +). On winter I went to Harbin Hospital for B-ultrasound diagnosis and examination result was the same. Using treatment of western medicine, it controled the progression of the disease, but there are still ascites, lower extremity edema has been half a year long. After serving three times magic remedy, ascites disappeared and lower extremity edema decreased. I have been taking 15 times magic remedy now. There were a period that I did not take magic remedy because I could not get one ingredient at that time and stopped for 20 days. After I get that ingredient, I continuously take magic remedy until the end of this year. Now the ascites disappear, no swelling on the legs, appetite increase , weight increase, the liver does not feel pain any more. Since I take magic remedy my brain feels clear-headed than ever before, the spirit is also enjoyable and good temper. On the past I was easy to angry with child but now like to joking and feel like 10-year-old younger.

Heilongjiang Provience, Mulan County, Democratic three Street No. 54, Retired cadres

Bai Yi  


Magic remedy cures my rheumatoid arthritis
and other diseases

I am a sick old teacher. More than ten years ago I had heart disease, followed by rheumatoid arthritis, hand and leg joint pain. In recent years I had multi medical treatment but all ineffective. Because of illness, I quit my job. After taking 10 magic remedy, my hands, legs do not feel pain, and I can do labor work again. I insist on taking magic remedy. Now I cure my hemorrhoids, heart disease, and walking speed can compare with  young people. More good news is I had fundus arteriosclerosis 4 years ago. This spring it has returned to normal after diagnosis by ophthalmologist. Magic remedy  really has magic effects, it cures my several diseases.

Liaoning Province, Fushun City,  Pinsain Elementary School Teacher, 

Zhao Hongming


Magic remedy improves cerebral arteriosclerosis
and cardiovascular disease

I am 63 years old.  Since 1980, more diseases had been added to my body, dizziness, unable to raise arm, toothache, bad breath, stiff tongue, numbness of the limbs and later developed into the legs often cramps, stretching. After the stool,  walking is difficult, take a long time to get out of restroom, and my heart feels living is more difficult. After taking eight time magic remedy, I went back to the provincial hospital to have a health examination and found the original cerebral arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases all have improvement. The doctor asked me what I eat to cure, and I told him only eating a few ingredients from magic remedy. Now I have regained consciousness, shake head well, and leg cramps have also been eradicated. Magic remedy also cures my 15 years of dental disease, mouth does not have bad smell, the tongue is not hard.


Henan Province, Mingchung County, Trade Road 208, 

Liu Jinjian 


I don’t intend to write a lengthily description about this remedy. What most important thing is that this remedy works, and is very effective.  Hundreds of thousand witness is the proof. In addition, this remedy exists for a long time. If it didn’t work well, it would not last until today.


These testimonials listed above only represent a very small portion of people who actually benefit from this remedy. Please go to testimonials page for many user feedback so that you can see the power of this incredible remedy. Also, please remember this is a proven remedy. If you have any question, please send message to my personal email address located at contact page.


Health is priceless. Diseases can happen to anyone at certain timing. Get this invaluable health information for you or the one you love.



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I want you to be satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please let me know and I will give you full refund back.




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Take action now, see improvement in about a month and eradicate symptoms in two months



Sincerely yours,

Jack T. H. Chang



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